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Xiao Ping thought that this would embarrass Zhang Jiamo, but the little girl immediately said with a Of course, by this time, everything is redundant. "Four generals, you have also seen zixuanzhu. Can we go now?" A scream came from the mouth of the blood soul clan. At this moment, the invincibility of the blood "Why, I think that if I make an insulting trick, I will forget it. You are too naive!" So this man, a mechanical puppet, must die! The string in Xu Youcheng's mind, which has been suppressed for many years, is broken. "Because its external force will not be able to maintain itself, it will not be able to maintain its Yan Xi was embarrassed. He coughed and said, "you don't know. Our leader is a level 11 talent, b The nine puppets are all made of bright gold. Each puppet is imbued with rules of various systems, j Gradually, with the fall of the blood flail, a tall and slender figure is revealed, although the bod In his opinion, there should be no difficulty in dealing with the three emperors of tianmeng. Half of them are original monsters in royal tombs, fierce and violent. If you don't have a high acceptance rate, what can fan Bingge say The four elements of practice, Dharma partner's land and wealth, have almost reached the peak of In order to avoid this kind of situation, the master of Shura road specially prepared the elixir for Thirteen God son's eyes passed over the child's face. The beautiful baby girl, who was sleep As soon as Miao Xiaomiao entered the room, he shocked the whole class 6 of senior high school!

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