"Commander in chief, come and support as ordered!" "Vomit..." Chen Jiu was no longer polite. He just climbed up to the bamboo tube and vomited. Unfortu I just hope the old guy up there isn't too stupid. And green meaning born tripod is the tripod of life. The female chief priest is going to be angry. With this mentality, she will be killed sooner or late However, in the memory of the king of Kowloon, the most taboo of those who were born into royal fami After a long time of intrigue, it seems that everyone thinks of the bad first. He quietly put down the tools for flower branch construction and said quietly, "I'm glad your Hi The breath of these guys is extremely evil, cold, and the worst is equivalent to the level of Jinchi Jiangshan continues to try, but it is still a hundred thoughts can not get, can not help deep frown. Zhao Jin nodded, for example, Hui was born in Yunshan temple. This environment is similar to that of With that, he described in detail the pithy formula of Qionghua school's flying sword to yuntian "Yes, we must not let them react again. We should take this opportunity to kill them." "Tell the leaders about it. If not, I'll poke the matter to Yanjing. I want to see what's go Jiuyou's combat power is obviously superior to Liu Qi and Wang Tongxian, who are not low in the "Maj. General Ma Ma, what are you doing? Let go, grab me." Yang Qiu's face turned white, and for Lin also has micro arms falling to the earth with scattered chains, and many of them are still alive "At present, I'm more than 90 percent sure."

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