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Wang Dong'Er stood up naturally and said, "I went to wash clothes." Directly stand a new altar in the war, and then absorb all the souls of the war But give me one night to think about it. Believe me, I will give you a definite answer in the mornin However, with the strength of the current Terran, if Xi wants to help, it is also wishful thinking, "No, we'll be back in a few days, and it's troublesome to take her with us." As a ray of light suddenly becomes bright. Zhang Tong asked nervously: "to whom to call?" Song Yuya said: "well, Wang Ying, don't brag about yourself!... Fang Han, when will your villa b A female disciple interposed and asked, "do you think he has done something false in his cultivation Although, the heart has a premonition, such as ye Ruo such an excellent man, can not be the first sh Hu Hao looked at the commander-in-chief and cried. "Long, he's my soldier. I'll deal with it..." Snow lady said: "it's already noon. After dinner, you can teach me from the beginning. What do y Now, this was once a king level creature, but now it has been lost for a long time, and is no longer Tang Yu was excited, and the powerful energy directly stabbed at the ancestor of Wanyao. Some people may say, if so, it is not possible for other strong people to catch people and then kill Ye Jingyun blinked those watery eyes and said innocently, "you are not the first day to know that I "Now that Hua Shao has turned his back on evil, there is no need to kill all of them."

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