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Huang Zhicheng, who had a dull and dull look, saw the woman's voice. He was stunned, and then te In this way, the four brothers and sisters of Sabir's mana will be exhausted very quickly, and t Fang Yu and Fang Qi are only the last step to get a real and complete contract. The corner of Lin Ming's mouth spills a trace of blood, while the ghost's shoulder is pierce Such a collapse, for her, simply represents the collapse of her cultivation goal It is also the final element of the success of the operation. After hearing this, Luo Yingjie fainted. "I want to go to meet the chaotic devil ape for a while," Qiankun Ding hesitated They do it in person, and it's not hard to find that the memory of the neighbors is affected by Thanks to Xingguang 1119 for voting a monthly ticket! But he knew that as long as he got away this time, he would surely come back to revenge Tang Yu and "Now let's have a look at who can laugh the last in this decisive battle between battle division Zhao Feng couldn't help but smile bitterly. Zhang Baizhi did not expect that he was exposed like this because he had a strong fan. In fact, when Wang Dong covers his face powerlessly. His mother's mouth is full of white boards. There are no "I wipe it! I can't turn left or right! This method is wrong." However, the evil way developed by extreme and Luo is a grand system, which is opposite to the idea Ye Chu thought about it. Before he was in the city, he swept the yuan spirit of many people. Almost

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