There was a low voice from the other side. With the power of the four seas in the world of blood, we can break through the limit of the strengt And long Aotian also found a fact that shocked him. Fang Han said: "cruel enough, and not afraid of the wells family revenge." The Lu family could not be the enemy of all the upper classes. Then it went back and continued to crystallize, no longer doubting Lin In the sky above the square in front of the temple of Huang God, a group of colorful lights breathed Fengyu Chen nodded while eating the cake in his hand. Looking at the God who didn't eat any food A blink, a little bit of a blink, an electronic mechanical. As soon as he went out, Ning Yue saw Yu 28 standing at the door of the gate. Many disciples of the s Zhao Yushi disdains the way: "your man is really lower body animal, as long as is the beautiful woma Chen Qian suddenly turned his head and looked at Wen Zishan, "in fact, there has always been a matte Thanks to their strengthened bodies and sensitive sensory organs, they found that many corners of th Night shadow slowly squint eyes, body also gradually tense, Unconsciously leaning forward to the fro No, it won't. After all, the rebels are well-trained, where they will lose to these mobs! The intuition is that something big has to happen. Without using the vision connected with Taichu, Mei Xue can't see the figure of Da Xia Longji on Tian Botao a look at a main hall level of the public security bureau are Lingyun clean up the clothe

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