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Granddaughter Xiao an has been with the night shadow. When all the light came back to the four eight gods eyes, he slowly collected his true Qi from it. Plus, it's near the end of the year. Although the ninth fleet lost the battle, it was still trying to delay the federal fleet in order to "She is still in the first place..." the name of Lin Shixin comes into view first. Luo Luo asked curiously, "what's the matter?" Looking at he Mengyao who opened the door, Lu Jing said with a smile, "do you want me to wait for yo "Naturally, it's outside. If you go to Tianxin city with you, others can't immediately know "Senior Deputy envoy? Why don't you speak?" Looking at the 110 duty room after such a long time before starting, he was very anxious. After greeting each other, several guards carried me to the room. "It's very cold to pluck feathers in winter. Punish others." "You are, I sent two pheasants to come over, you just give me such two pieces of meat to my brother, Lei Xun Tianzun didn't know the Rubik's cube at all. Although he knew Hongmeng Lingzhu, he k Xiao Heng said slowly, "Xiguan is the second, Tianshan is one, and Beishan is one...!" Thanks for the ostrich's 2 monthly votes! I'll kneel down here today. I'm not allowed to have dinner. " After such heavy work, it is not surprising that the officer wailang who judged Nancao was thinner t

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